University Teaching Awards

Each year, the University recognizes faculty, staff and students for outstanding teaching.

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The University Committee on Teaching Awards strongly encourages you to nominate deserving faculty members and graduate teaching assistants for distinguished teaching awards.  Please read the award requirements carefully to determine eligibility and provide comments in the nomination that will help the committee understand why your nominee is the best candidate for the award.

Nominations are accepted year round, but please note September 16, 2021 as the deadline for nominations for the awards to be announced in spring 2022.  The University Teaching Awards Committee meets in the Fall semester to to review the nominees, collect additional information about their teaching, and recommend winners to the Chancellor.  This year, the committee will recommend recipients for six types of awards:

  1. Board of Governors’ Award for Excellence in Teaching:
    The Board of Governors gives this award to a tenured faculty member on each campus of the UNC System for excellent and exceptional undergraduate teaching over a sustained period of time.
  2. Mentor Award for Lifetime Achievement:
    This award acknowledges lifetime contributions to teaching, learning and mentoring beyond the classroom.
  3. Distinguished Teaching Awards for Post-Baccalaureate Instruction:
    Four awards are given to faculty members for exceptional teaching of post-baccalaureate students.
  4. Tanner Awards to Graduate Teaching Assistants:
    Five Tanner Awards are given to graduate teaching assistants for excellence in undergraduate teaching.
  5. Chapman Family Teaching Awards:
    Three or four Chapman Family Awards are given to full-time faculty members for excellence in undergraduate teaching.
  6. Awards to Faculty for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching:
    Three different awards are available to full-time faculty members.

For more information about UNC-Chapel Hill Teaching Awards, contact:

Debbie Deese
Academic Personnel Office, CB# 8000, 218 South Building, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-8000
Phone: 919-962-7882