University Distinguished Professorships

Kenan Professorships

“…it shall be perpetually used by said University for the purpose of paying salaries of professors thereof, upon the condition that each of the professorships, the salary of which is thus paid, shall be known as a Kenan Professorships….”  It is noted that Kenan Professorships may be awarded to outstanding professors already on the faculty.

William R. Kenan, Jr. Professorships

“…in accordance with Article Nine of the Last Will and Testament of William R. Kenan, Jr….The addition to the Chapel Hill faculty of 25 William Rand Kenan, Jr., Professors drawn from the academic leaders of America…..”

Cary C. Boshamer Professorships

To support professorships, no particular criteria are specified.

Burton Craige Professorships

“To support salary stipends and research grants in constitutional history and jurisprudence.  Professors honored for entire UNC career.”

Alumni Professorships

The Alumni Distinguished Professorships were made possible by unrestricted gifts from the University’s alumni. Established in 1961, the Alumni Distinguished Professorships are designed to supplement the salaries of professors whose outstanding teaching and research activities ameliorate the quality and the stature of the University. They are available for appointment in any academic area or discipline of the University.