The Nannerl O. Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorship

This professorship seeks to fund proposals that allow UNC-Chapel Hill and Duke University to work together to extend their capacity in specific areas.

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Information about Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorships for academic years 2020-21 and 2021-22 will be available in fall 2019.

The Keohane Professorship recognizes the remarkable contributions of Dr. Nannerl Keohane during her term as President of Duke University and the unprecedented level of collaboration she and former UNC Chancellor James Moeser created between these two great institutions.  The award was created in 2004 by then Chancellor Moeser and is funded by Carolina graduate Julian Robertson and his late wife, Josie, of New York (parents of Spencer, Duke ’98, and Alex, UNC ’01, Robertson) and the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust.

Goals of the Professorship

  1. Promote inter-institutional collaboration and the enhancement of intellectual life at both universities by strengthening established or encouraging new collaborations
  2. Contribute to the teaching missions of both UNC and Duke, and in particular to the undergraduate curriculum, through a self-standing course or the co-teaching of one or more courses, or through a carefully planned series of guest appearances in a number of courses
  3. Provide at least one major public lecture or performance

Structure and Activities of the Professorship

Past recipients have typically spent a semester or the equivalent of a semester in the program; however, proposals will be accepted for residencies of varying lengths based upon the schedule of the nominee and the collaborations proposed.  Past recipients have catalyzed cross-campus undergraduate and graduate programs, conducted joint projects with Carolina and Duke research centers, taught joint Carolina and Duke courses, and delivered major public addresses.


The recipient is entitled to a payment of $60,000 US dollars (before taxes) for a full semester residency or $30,000 for a half semester residency (or its equivalent). Fringe benefits are also provided at a rate of 10% of the stipend payment.  The recipient may request reimbursement for a maximum amount of $20,000 US dollars ($10,000 for a half semester residency) for costs associated with the professorship which could include housing, travel (including dependents), research, and other related expenses. Stipend and expense levels for recipients visiting for other periods of time may be negotiated; however, each professorship must involve a period of time sufficient to allow the goals of the professorship to be met.  In order to be reimbursed, the award recipient must provide the necessary documentation and receipts of the expenses within 30 days of the conclusion of the professorship. The award is contingent on the ability of the recipient to receive the funds.  International recipients are responsible for obtaining the necessary visa in order to receive payment.  Sponsoring departments also will receive $5,000 per visitor for expenses associated with public lectures or performances.

Responsibilities of the Nominating Units

The department(s) hosting the recipient is responsible for all other costs related to instruction, office, and clerical support (copying, space, office phone, etc.). All arrangements should be handled by the host department(s). Such arrangements could include (though are not limited to) helping the recipient access resources such as IT support, university libraries, equipment, campus parking, as well as providing any appropriate advice on housing and living in the local community.  For international recipients, the department(s) hosting the recipient must assure that the visa process is appropriately handled by the recipient.  The nominating department at UNC-CH will be responsible for making all expense reimbursements and payroll arrangements for the recipient during the term of the professorship.

Nomination Process

Nominations must address the institutional purpose of the professorship – the advancement of inter-institutional collaboration and intellectual life – and should state explicitly the specific institutional purpose for which the person is being nominated followed by a description of qualifications and the activities that the nominee will undertake to fulfill that goal. 

Nominations may be made by any faculty member or administrator of either institution, but must be accompanied by the signature of the department chairs or appropriate institute directors/administrators at both institutions. Students who wish to make a nomination will need to do so through a faculty member or administrator. The Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorship Joint Advisory Committee shall make its final nominations to the provosts of each institution in March, and the two provosts shall make the final selection.

Nomination letters should be as specific as possible and

  • state how the nominee will advance inter-institutional collaboration and intellectual life at Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill;
  • describe the nominee’s qualifications including how s/he has demonstrated the ability to work across departmental or institutional boundaries;
  • describe how the nominee will contribute to the teaching missions of both schools;
  • identify what programmatic benefits would arise from his or her appointment as well as a plan for assessment of impact;
  • demonstrate the enthusiasm of groups on both campuses and make clear how the nominee will help to create new initiatives that will serve both UNC and Duke; and
  • include the nominee’s CV.

The current nominations submission period has passed.  Questions about the Professorship may be addressed to Carol Tresolini ( or Noah Pickus (, co-chairs of the Nannerl Keohane Distinguished Visiting Professorship Joint Advisory Committee.  The joint advisory committee makes recommendations to the provosts of both institutions who ultimately approve the final selection.