Updated Dean’s List Criteria

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Dean’s List Recommendations from UNC Dean’s Council
Approved unanimously by the Faculty Executive Committee 3-22-10

1. Grant Dean’s List status to undergraduates who earn a 3.5 or above within a regular Fall or Spring semester with a minimum of 12 academic hours taken for a grade in the semester. The current standard had 39.1% of undergraduates on Dean’s List in Spring 2009. It is expected that with a change of the GPA to 3.5, approximately 25% of undergraduates will be on Dean’sList.

2.  Fast-track the implementation of this standard in the Fall, 2010 term for incoming first year students.

3. The School of Law should implement their own Dean’s List standard.

4. The Dean’s Council and the Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty should review the standard every 5 years with a potential change again in 2015.

5. This change in Dean’s List should be widely disseminated to faculty, students and parents.