UNC School of Medicine Faculty Members holding administrative appointments in the UNC Health Care System 10-23-2013

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The UNC Health Care System (HCS) includes the patient care components of the UNC School of Medicine (SOM).  SOM faculty are University employees, whether engaged in research, teaching, or clinical activities. The SOM, as a component of the University, and the Health Care System are separate entities with differing policies and terms and conditions of employment.  

The SOM has a tri-partite mission of education, research, and service. All of these missions coexist and support each other within the academic medical center environment, and support of the clinical enterprise is a critical component of the missions of both the SOM and HCS.  

This document addresses the circumstance where SOM and HCS jointly desire for a faculty member to be appointed to an HCS administrative leadership position with primary employment remaining with the University. This MOU is exclusive of and does not apply to faculty who occupy senior-level leadership positions in the SOM such as Vice Deans, Associate/Assistant Deans. 

This arrangement would be proposed in situations where SOM and HCS will mutually benefit from the appointment of a currently serving UNC-CH faculty member to a clinical leadership position in the HCS and the subject employee would devote 50% or less of his or her effort on execution of the HCS management responsibilities. Exceptions to this policy would require approval of the Chancellor. 

Individuals covered by these arrangements would be expected to comply with all policies of the University, School of Medicine, and the Health Care System.  In addition, whether tenure-track, tenured or fixed-term faculty, they would be required to continue to meet the obligations of their underlying faculty appointments as defined by the applicable School of Medicine policies and the Trustee Policies and Regulations Governing Academic Tenure in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The circumstances of the arrangement for a specific faculty member would be outlined in an MOU between the faculty member, the Health Care System, and the University. This MOU would contain the financial provisions of the agreement and the responsibilities of each entity and the faculty member. These responsibilities would include but not be limited to the specific HCS administrative role to be occupied by the faculty member, the FTE to be devoted to the HCS administrative duties, and the expectations for the faculty member’s academic time. Recognizing the importance of assuring that the faculty member can meet the medical school and university’s requirements for reappointment, promotion, and tenure (if applicable) the MOU will outline the specific steps that will be undertaken to provide time, mentoring, and other support for the faculty member. This requirement will apply regardless of track: e.g. tenure, tenure track, or fixed term. It is expected that designated academic time will be provided along with formal formative feedback at least annually with respect to the faculty member’s progress towards promotion and tenure (where applicable). It is a SOM policy that faculty members receive formal formative feedback on their progress towards promotion and tenure, if applicable, at least annually and that a record be maintained in departmental files of the meeting in which this feedback was provided. In circumstances where it is felt that adequate progress is not being made towards promotion and tenure (where applicable) then a specific plan will be developed for the following academic year. Continued service in the HCS administrative role will be dependent on the fulfillment of the non-HCS responsibilities of the faculty member.