Key Dates on the General Education Council Timeline

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(based on Strategic Directions Action Steps and GEC imposed interim deadlines)

Deliverable/Milestone Planned Completion Date
1.  Identify at least one campus to pilot e-portfolio. Fall 2013
2.  Develop test protocols for administering CLA Plus August 2013
3.  Send communication to all campuses on GEC work and timeline August 2013
4.  Send out Request for Proposals for e-portfolio Pilot August 2013
5.  Send communication and request feedback from system on core competencies. September 10, 2013
6.  Pilot CLA Plus to Freshmen Fall 2013
7.  Preliminary recommendations on core competencies and value outcomes October 15, 2013
8.  Develop initial vocabulary and glossary of key definitions Mid-November 2013

9.  Bring recommendations to Faculty Senates and Faculty Assembly seeking endorsement before delivering to President Ross.

December 2013
10.  Recommend list of core competencies and value outcomes. January 2014
11. Analysis of CLA data (administrative constraints, policies addressing shortcomings) January 2014
12. Develop operational definitions, tools, and research design January 2014

13. Provide initial recommendations for quantitative and qualitative measures of student learning outcomes for the core competencies

January 2014
14. Pilot CLA Plus to Seniors Spring 2014

15.  Pilot e-portfolio approach to document student learning across general education and the major

Spring 2014
16. Propose tools and methodologies to measure core competencies. May 2014

17. Pilot quantitative methods and develop test administrative protocols for use by the entire UNC system.

Fall 2014
18. Identify steps to scale project May 2015
19.  Bring to scale project September 2015
20. Determine whether to adopt common e-portfolio platform & framework September 2015