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Open Faculty Positions

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Director, North Carolina Botanical Garden

The North Carolina Botanical Garden, whose mission is to inspire understanding, appreciation, and conservation of plants in gardens and natural areas and to advance a sustainable relationship between people and nature, comprises more than 1,000 acres, including Display Gardens, Allen Education Center, Coker Arboretum, Battle Park, Mason Farm Biological Reserve, UNC Herbarium, and other natural areas.  It provides expertise on native plants and wildflowers, promotes plant conservation, protects and restores natural areas, and provides access to well-maintained and beautiful gardens.

We are no longer accepting applications for the position of Director of the North Carolina Botanical Garden.

Director, Carolina Women's Center

The Director of the Carolina Women’s Center will lead the Center in fulfilling its mission—to create an inclusive education and work environment where gender is not a barrier to success, difference and diversity are celebrated, and everyone is safe to live, learn, teach, and work without threat of harm or unequal treatment—through advocacy, education, outreach, and support in areas of concern to the women of UNC-Chapel Hill and their colleagues.

The Center, which was established in 1997, aims to improve the status of women and provide an infrastructure to represent women’s interests on issues such as health, campus security, childcare, professional development, pay equity, and the campus climate for women students, faculty, and staff.  It also works to increase awareness of the intersection of gender with a range of identities and issues.

The Director of the Carolina Women’s Committee is pleased to announce that the following four candidates for the directorship have accepted our invitation to visit campus for public interviews. We invite you to attend the upcoming open forums and receptions with the candidates. Click a candidate’s name to view their CV.

These forums are designed to give the campus community an opportunity to hear from candidates about their experience and their ideas for enhancing UNC Chapel Hill, and an opportunity for you to provide feedback.

For more information on the position, click here to view the full position announcement.