Commencement Committee

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Committee Chair:  Ronald P. Strauss, Executive Vice Provost

Committee Members:
Jenny Cobb Adams Associate Director, University Events
Elizabeth Adkins Student Body President, 2017-18
Kylie Corcoran Apple Coordinator, Student Enrichment & Alumni Engagement, GAA
Tiffany Bailey Director, Accessibility Resources & Services
Angie Bitting Managing Director, Dean E. Smith Center
Jennifer Burkhart Boy Scouts Volunteer Coordination, Office of the Registrar
Debbie Dibbert Chief of Staff, Chancellor’s Office
Doug Dibbert President, General Alumni Association
Alec DiRuzza Student Body Vice President, 2017-18
Aaron Eric Epps Vice President, Senior Class of 2018
Jeffrey Fuchs Band Director, Department of Music
Austin Gold Assistant Director, Events Management
Deborah Hawkins Security Enforcement Manager, Department of Public Safety
Rudolph Valentino Jones Associate Director, Equal Opportunity/ADA
Jacob Kornegay Sergeant, Department of Public Safety
Karli Elizabeth Krasnipol President, Senior Class of 2018
Allison Legge Interim University Registrar
Leslie Lerea Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Graduate School
Mark Moon Grounds Supervisor
Cecelia Moore Senior Content Specialist & UNC Historian
Laura Morgan Senior Director, University Events
Leslie Parise Chair of the Faculty, Office of Faculty Governance
Madelyn Percy GPSF President, 2017-18
Joanne Peters Director, Media Relations
Valerie Price Editor, Publications Services
Terry Ellen Rhodes Faculty Marshal, Senior Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
James Spurling Director, Kenan Football Stadium
Vin Steponaitis Secretary of the Faculty, Office of Faculty Governance
Charles Streeter Employee Forum Chair
Natalie Vizuete Director, Social Media, Communications & Public Affairs
Stacey Harris Warner Ceremonies Officer