LGBTQ Funding Announcement

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The Provost’s Committee on LGBTQ Life at UNC-Chapel Hill, appointed by the Provost and composed of faculty, students, and staff from across campus, is charged with providing advice and counsel to the Provost on all matters related to LGBTQ concerns (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer).  As part of our mission to help foster and sustain the quality of LGBTQ life in the University community, we are able to offer financial support for speakers, colloquia, performances, and other professional activities and innovative programs.

Proposals are evaluated primarily for their potential to enhance the University climate for LGBTQ people and their allies.  We especially welcome collaborative projects that are inclusive of the diverse and/or intersecting identities of the LGBTQ campus community.  Please note that the Committee does not fund projects that constitute a part of a student’s regular academic curriculum (i.e., course assignments, theses, or dissertations), although projects that have evolved out of academic work, such as performances and exhibitions, may be considered.

If you are interested in applying for funds, please complete the application form and submit it no less than 30 days before the funding is needed.  While there is no limit on the amount of funding that may be requested, the Committee expects that in most cases, events with a budget of $10,000 or less will not be awarded more than $1,000.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and will be reviewed during the academic year (August through May) by the Provost’s LGBTQ Committee. The Committee will review applications at least three times per semester.

Please submit applications electronically to Roger Kaplan at

LGBTQ Funding Application